Levantine Arak Pack

Levantine Arak Pack

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In celebration of World Arak Day 2024, we are releasing three of the most outstanding craft Araks from the Levant in one package at a special price.

World Arak Day Pack:  $174.98 $125 (savings of $49.98!)

One of each: Arak Farid from Lebanon, Arak Al Raah from Jordan, and Arak Muaddi from Palestine

Jordan - Arak Al Raah, is produced by Zoumot Distillery using organic grapes from the Mafraq region of Jordan and Aniseed from Heneeh, Syria. Arak Al Raah is aged for one year in traditional amphora produced in Beit Chabab, Lebanon. 

Lebanon - Arak Farid, is produced by husband and wife duo Fred Abi Khalil and Jess Kandalaft in honor of their beloved grandfather, Farid in his hometown of Ain Jouaiya, Lebanon. The Arak begins with indigenous Lebanese white grapes, and is distilled in a small, traditional Alembic pot still with Aniseed from Heneeh, Syria before aging in glass jars. 

Palestine - Arak Muaddi, is produced by Palestinian-American distiller Nader Muaddi in Beit Jala, Palestine. Arak Muaddi is a uniquely Palestinian Arak using local Palestinian grapes, Aniseed from Jenin, and spring water from the Jordan Valley. Arak Muaddi is aged for one year before bottling and has won numerous international awards.